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Friday, July 14, 2006

A day in the life of me

According to the blog point challenge here is what today had in store for me.

At the lovely hour of 5:45 a.m. I woke up to the sound of the alarm. After turning off the alarm and rolling out of bed I made my way downstairs. Upon finally making it down to the lower level of our home I turned on the light above the stove. Now came one of the most important decisions I made today, what shall I eat for breakfast. I came to the conclusion that I should eat the last Twinkie.

Now, with Twinkie in hand I made my way to the blue couch. During that trip I turned on the ceiling fan and then sat/layed on the blue wonder. Mmmm, that Twinkie was good I think I'll sit here for a bit before getting ready for work. Well, that was dumb, I fell asleep for a spell. I hop off the blue wonder since I slept a little too long.

Now I have to take that long walk up to the second level of our home to the bathroom. Upon entering the bathroom I do various things to make myself presentable to the outside world. After leaving the bathroom I put my clothes on and say goodbye to my very sleepy wife. So, now it's back downstairs with me to make my lunch, get my water, and go get into the car for my twenty to twenty-five minute drive to work.

Here I am at work in my office, I grab my coffee cup, head to the kitchen area and get that first cup of joe. Ahh, that's some good coffee, and now on with my day. I do some drawing work, O&M manuals (Operations & Maintenance), and share in banter with co-workers for the morning hours.

Lunch time was filled with food and fun viewing pleasure. I had Kimmy's BBQ chicken pizza which got two compliments, and we started to watch Blazing Saddles. The afternoon was filled with more drawing work combined with hydraulic calculations.

Ahh, it's now 4:30 p.m. time to go home. Sweet! I drive home and try to decide what's for dinner tonight. We decided to go to Pantera Bread, and I had a chicken caesar salad. No, I didn't mispell Panera, I meant to say Pantera. Kimmy wrote that last line cause she didn't want anyone to think she missed the mispelling. Then we left to go over to movie night. So, here I am typing my day and now I'm done.

"The circle is now complete." - Vader to Obi-Wan


At 9:23 PM EDT, Anonymous DarkSide said...

I favorite you!

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