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Thursday, May 25, 2006

GPM All Over The Place!

Today was water flow test day for me and man was it difficult. It started with an hour long drive to a job site with one of my co-workers. Upon our arrival we had to make a decision which two hydrants do we get to open. Hmmmm, Well, the one in front of the job site won first prize, and first runner up was the up-stream hydrant. They both were wearing white tops with red bottoms and were quite the cute little things.

After determining the winner we proceeded to check the caps for tightness, and then took off one of three caps. Then we had to place a slinky little pressure gage on the now naked side of the hydrant. I'm pretty sure I saw a cricket look away. Once the gage was on securely the water was turned on full blast.

The winning hydrant was stripped of one of its caps and a gage that hangs to the side was put in its place. This gage has a small hole to allow the water to pass through, and the water on this hydrant is also turned on full blast. This hydrant was the most fun because the water was shooting out the side. I thought kids were going to come out of the woodwork to play in it, but I was disappointed.

Okay, so maybe the test wasn't that difficult, but is was fun. By the way, in case anybody was wondering... The pressure before the second hydrant was opened read 79PSI. Once the second was opened it went down to 66PSI with a water flow of 1,350 GPM (Gallons Per Minute)

"Into the garbage shute flyboy." - Leia


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Is it wrong for me to say that this post kind of turned me on?!?!?




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