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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

We didn't start the fire....

We may not have started the fire, but one day I'll design how to put it out. I enjoy my work so much more than before mostly because of how the business is run. I know it's early, but I can see myself being there for quite a long time. Just one more thing to add about my employment, 10 people in the office not including installers.

Now on another note, Skyeye has to be the greatest invention to come to the mahoning valley. Seriously, I've always wanted a live view of 680, 224 and any of the other locations they have. Ever since I was a kid I dreamed of the day that a camera would be mounted high above the great city called Youngstown. I've learned so much about the weather from these cameras, like rain spots on the lens, snow spots on the lens, clouds and sun. I don't ever have to look outside to know what the weather is like. THANK YOU SKYEYE, YOU'RE A LIFE SAVER!

"This live view from Skyeye is brought to you by hard boiled eggs".


At 7:58 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the, as Elizabeth puts it, "Grown Up" job. It really is good to hear that you're happy and that the company is a good one. It is such an uplifting thing to see your friends happy in their work. That is such a rare thing. So again I say Congratulations Kevin!

At 7:26 PM EDT, Blogger Kevin said...

Thanks Sam

At 10:49 AM EDT, Blogger kimw said...

Yeah, who needs Mark Koontz, Frank Marzullo, Don Guthrie or any of those other weather wenches. They're wrong 95% of the time anyway. Bring on SkyEye! There's nothing more reliable than that :)

Oh yeah, congrats on the job. Now I really DO have the worst job out of our circle of friends. No competition now.


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