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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


My work has taken me to some interesting places like power plants, hospitals, malls, but the most interesting so far had to be today. Myself and another designer went to a titanium mill. We didn't get to see much of the action, but what little we did see was interesting none the less. This survey, unlike some of the ones I've been on lately, only took about an hour, so we were back in the office by 10:30 which sucked.

What else can I say? Apparently not much, so I'm off to watch Bones and Lost.

Oh! I almost forgot. One of my co-workers gave me a gift. She was looking through a Bible of her's from when she was young, and found a clipping of a 1979 Star Wars cartoon from the papers. Cool isn't it?

"The Jedi are all but extinct." - Ben Kenobi


At 9:37 AM EDT, Blogger kimw said...

Lucky lucky day for you! Very cool on the Star Wars aquisistion.

At 11:42 PM EDT, Blogger Sam said...

Did this titanium plant happen to be in Toronto ohio? Cause that's where I work and Timet is one of the largest titanium plants in the country. If you go again we should hook up for lunch.

At 8:36 AM EDT, Blogger Kevin said...

You are correct Sam, Toronto was the place for me that morning. If I go down there again lunch sounds great.


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