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Friday, November 02, 2007

Band Number 2

It's been entirely too long since I have posted. I can blame some of it on being busy at work, but some of it is just pure laziness. All of that being said I present to you all the long anticipated band number 2.


The best metal band!

They hail from Seattle Washington and were formed about 6 years ago by brothers Don and Ryan Clark. The brothers have a graphic art's company which does not allow for much touring. Since they don't tour much they have always focused on making each album with the highest quality.

The band has grown so much over the span of three albums and one coming out on November 6, 2007. Each album is worth it, they don't pull punches musically or lyrically. It is safe for me to say that if any of you were to invest in Demon Hunter you would not be disappointed.

Here is a list of their projects.

Demon Hunter - 2002

Summer of Darkness - 2004 (this is the album I started on)

The Triptych - 2006 (I have the special edition which came with a concert dvd and has three acoustic tracks)

Storm the Gates of Hell - 2007 Listen in this order Carry Me Down, Fading Away, then if you dare, Storm the Gates of Hell here

Of course, I also encourage you to listen to the other tracks as well.


At 11:47 AM EST, Blogger Sam said...

The "BEST"???????? Really? Wow, that's quite a statement. Now I have to check them out.

Really? The Best? Hmmmmm.

At 7:19 PM EST, Blogger Kevin said...

Yes, I know it's quite a bold statement, but I truly believe it.

If you don't agree that's fine.


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