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Thursday, April 26, 2007

April #2 Being the second BPC

Tuesday being the second day of the week, there was a job site to survey. Myself and the co-worker that's training me, headed out to Suffield, Ohio. "What is in Suffield?" you may ask, well I'll tell you, an office that needs a sprinkler system installed. Ha ha ha, funny aren't I? The place we went to was none other than one of the GoodYear blimp hangers.

There are three different areas that the company wants to have sprinkler systems installed. An office area that is about 40 feet by 300 feet, an area that they are going to convert into a museum, and a sign lab. The sign lab is the area that they create the LED signage for the side of the blimp.

Even though we were there for work, we did take some time out to check out the blimp. So we made our way over to the actual hanger and stood beside the blimp. That, my gentle readers, is my interesting thing that has happened this week. By the way, I'm going there again tomorrow.


At 11:50 AM EDT, Blogger kimw said...

OOOH... I've always wanted to stand beside the blimp. The blimp hangar used to be in Houston right along I-45 before they moved the blimp back to Ohio. Driving by, I used to perodically see it taking off or coming in for a landing. It was so huge and impressive I always wanted to stand beside it to see how small I was.


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