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Friday, April 13, 2007

Stuntman Mike son of Stuntman Bob

Hello all. It's about time I give you my monthly post, isn't it? As you all know by now, we had a great time at the Harry concert. Afterwards we drove to get a bite to eat, and stopped off at Max & Erma's. A number of restaurants give 10 to 15 percent off your meal if you show off a room card. Well, Max & Erma were nice enough to give us 15 percent off, and the entertainment value was grand.

We were seated in the bar area, and let's just say some people had a few adult beverages too many. This one woman was talking to the guy she was with, about 2 inches from his face. All quotes are in the tone of drunken slur. "That's my favorite word!" and these came back to back "Holy sh*#.....Praise the Lord!!" Drunk people are funny. There was also a guy that kept running into the chairs at the bar.

In other news, today Friday April 13, we found a mall to roam around. We also decided to catch a motion picture on one of the 16 screens this mall had. This theater was the nicest we've been in so far. The seats were amazingly comfortable. (needed for the three hour movie we watched). We decided on a double feature that most people would not like. The double feature was none other than Grindhouse.

This film, as previously stated, was split up into two films. The first was about Zombies and was directed by Robert Rodriguez and the second was about girls, cars and a whole lot more, but I don't want to reveal anything. By the way, the second was directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Tomorrow we are heading home, but it was a great get away.

"If this is the consular ship, where is the ambassador?" - Vader to Leia


At 11:44 AM EDT, Blogger Adrienne said...

I enjoyed the quotes from the drunk!


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