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Friday, July 06, 2007


1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
2. Each participant posts eight random facts about themselves.
3. Tagees should write a blog post of eight random facts about themselves.
4. At the end of the post, eight more bloggers are tagged (named and shamed).
5. Go to their blog, leave a comment telling them they’re tagged (cut and run).

I must tag eight people, but alas I have not that number.

1. I love video games, and growing up my parents knew if I wasn't feeling well by my lack of playing.
2. I took Martial Arts from junior high through high school.
3. In Junior high and High school I took wood shop and one of my projects is the T.V. stand that we continue to use to this day.
4. I'm deathly afraid of going down escalators.
5. I've murdered two bats in my lifetime (One last night).
6. I'm a self apprentice in becoming a Master Griller.
7. I love peanut butter and pickle sandwiches.
8. Star Wars (Nuff Said)


At 12:22 PM EDT, Blogger Sam said...

Oh my goodness, I thought maybe you'd given up completely on blogging. Glad to see you're back. (At least for one post!)

If I understand the rules correctly, you're supposed to share 8 little-known facts. I think we all know the Star-Wars and video game items. I think you owe us 2 more things. Wait, maybe PB & Pickles is so weird it makes up for it. I can't decide.

At 9:35 AM EDT, Blogger kimw said...

Yeah. PB and pickle - weird enough!


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