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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

At least he doesn't whine about it.

Hi, I'm Kevin and I'm an AutoCAD drafter.
(You all may respond with the appropriate "Hi Kevin")

For as long as I've been with the company, and some time before, the employees have bought a bottle of wine for the boss as a Christmas gift. This year was going to be no different, and with another addition to the office, my boss would've been the proud owner of a twenty dollar bottle of wine. While talking to the bosses wife, our new secretary made an amazing discovery. Our boss dislikes wine. So, for who knows how long he has graciously accepted a bottle of wine while never having liked the stuff.

I just thought this was humorous, and would share for once.

Thank you.

"Look at the size of that thing." - Red 2


At 9:11 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This may sound like a dumb question... but where is this $20 a bottle wine collection and does the afore-mentioned boss want to part with it? Or at least even some of it? I know I want on the list to be a re-gift-ee of a nice bottle of wine in the $20 price range. Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!

At 2:48 PM EST, Blogger Mike said...



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