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Saturday, November 19, 2005

The randomness that is my head.

Good Saturday morning too every one. I know it's been awhile since I've done this thing called... called... you know, it's been so long I forget what I'm doing. None the less I shall continue to take this journey, and type in this nameless practice. I don't really have a point to this, but I 'm feeling very random this morning.

Emporer Palpatine is the greatest villain EVER! Even though he'll probably never get recognized as such.

Installed the new AutCAD 2006 at work, and had plotting problems for days.

Figured out said AutoCAD problem. AutoCAD is still my, insert female dog reference here.

We were given a nice fleece blanket, or should I say Kimmy was given.

I like having extended cable just for the History channel, and other select channels.

I bought a Duncan Butterfly yo-yo last night.

I should probably clean up the leaves in the yard, but I'm too lazy.

Saviour Machine is one of the most unique bands.

We got some Christmas shopping done last night, and had Sheetz for dinner. Yummy

The whole office staff, even Jason, spent a few hours last Saturday cleaning up the paper monster.

Going to see Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire tonight. SWEET!

Well, that's all the random thoughts for now since I have many things to accomplish before our nephew Derek's B-day party. This party is quite the occasion, because he turns 13 today. In the words of so many people "You turn 13 only once.", but why don't they recognize that every birthday is a once?

"Hello, I am C3PO human cyborg relations, and this is counterpart R2-D2." - C3PO


At 7:22 PM EST, Blogger Teri said...

Random random random!Hello
how are
you? We had turkey today. Its getting chilly tonight.
We had coffee when we got home.
Its 7:15
Tomorrow is Sunday.
I should clean up my dishes and load up the dishwasher,but I feel lazy right now.
Frank is watching football.
I think I'll watch a movie and relax.
Happiness is temporary, but Joy is eternal!
The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.
I wonder how many times the average person blinks a day.
Oh, I see you have that corny word verification thing on your blog too.
Enough Random?

And finally,

At 10:42 AM EST, Blogger Mike said...

Very nice . Both of you . Good eternal perspective .


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