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Friday, August 26, 2005

Color Me An Imbecile

I could just comment on Kim's blog, but I thought this was worthy of a full blown post. The only people that know about my momentary imbecileism are the passengers of the car, my wife and a select few.

Many moons ago, about nine of them if you want to get technical. I was enjoying my usual after school activity, giving rides home for my friends. Well, on the way to my first stop a huge and I mean huge yellow and black vehicle that transports many children and teens stopped at a railroad track. Little did I know that it had a brother in front of it. The first one crossed the track, and when I saw the yellow and black move I moved as well.

I didn't hit the gas at all, but I did look down for a split second and well, CRUNCH was the next thing I heard. That's right I hit said vehicle at a whopping five miles per hour (max.) at the railroad track. The driver of the yellow and black Cavalier hating machine didn't know what had happened, but all the passengers sure let him know though.

Well, then came the police, ticket, court date, $500 dollar deductible and of course the humiliation at school. So ends my story and if you have question of the truth of said story just ask Beth she was one of the passengers. Kim, this was as close to a parked bus as I could get.

"Will somebody get this big walking carpet out of my way!?" - Leia


At 12:07 PM EDT, Blogger Bethy said...

I must say that I got a good laugh this morning remembering that eventful day!! I remember most the tossing of the hackie sack, that was so quickly thrown to the floor the minute we heard that crunch. I will forever remember that day. Thanks for letting me share that never to be forgotten moment with you. :0)

At 9:30 AM EDT, Blogger kimw said...

Ahhh, Kevin. Love the story. Thanks for the laugh this morning!


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