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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Automated Telemarketers

While working today I had to answer the phone for my boss, and I never would have guessed who was on the other end. Well if you have read the title you know who talked to me. I think Tina was her name and she informed me that the product for sale was designed specifically for my field of work. Tina offered the architectural firm I work for something dealing with the funeral home business. I'm so thankful that whoever designs these automated sales calls pays particular attention to who gets called.

I thought it was rather amusing, and I'd share it with the few that read my humble blog. That was about all the excitement at work today, of course nothing earth shattering could happen in my field. I'll let you all know if I ever fall out of my chair, or if my mouse leads a revolt with the keyboard.

Well, I'm off to watch King of Queens and then to bed for some more reading. Man, is The Taking getting really intriguing and intense.

"That boy was our last hope." - Obi-Wan
"No there is another." - Yoda


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