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Saturday, August 20, 2005


Just wanted to post something just for the sake of doing it. Today went well at least in my opinion anyway. Now its shower day! Either this is a really long and thought out post, or I just got too tired to finish last night. I hope the shower is a success. Also, my wife needs to quit worrying that everything doesn't look good. I'll tell her now like I've told her before every thing looks great.

I'm proud of her for all the love and care she has put into this event. I think Elizabeth will be quite pleased with her, and the minion's, shower. There is not to much more running through my head at this point, but I'm sure there will be later. Well I guess I should get ready to do some more shower work. :o)

Look over there in that chair, Is it just an average guy, NO! Is it Kevin, NO!! It's CADman!!! (music starts) Who's that in the chair CADman CADman. He'll draft the evil out of town. CADman CADman. Hand drafters beware, CADman will break your pencils! Here I come to draft all day. CADMAN!!!!!!!!!

"Size matters not, judge me by my size do you?" - Yoda


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