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Thursday, September 15, 2005

O' Brother Where Art I

Seems like days since I sat down to do this, and to be honest I almost forget how. I'm starting to think that maybe getting my wife a Mac was the wrong idea. Lately if the Mac is open and I try to say something, Shhhhhhh is all I get. Well, not really but I like to tease her about all the hours of posting and reading posts she puts in.

On to what has been on my mind since driving home today. I decided today to give a borrowed CD a chance in the player, I still stand by my first thought of this group. Which is and will probably always be negative. As I tried to listen intently to them I found myself growing with disgust. They are no different than any other run of the mill CCM artist. There is nothing that this group has to offer that already hasn't been put on the table. In my opinion a new group should have something different to offer the world, and present their lyrics (even if the subject is something we need to hear over and over again) in a different way. Like Tourniquet saying "Glowing hand reaches down from Heaven" instead of "He touched me" same thing said, but in a more thought provoking way. Now I know this group is right for certain people, but as for me I need something a little more different.

"Luke's just not a farmer Owen. He has too much of his father in him." - Beru Lars


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