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Saturday, June 14, 2008

You do care!

Wow I can't believe I had three comments on my last post. Let's if I can do it again.

Went to Pittsburgh this week with my co-worker to do a couple of surveys. The women's fitting rooms are so much nicer in the city. Just kidding we didn't go near any fitting rooms this time. Getting into the city, finding a parking space and leaving were the most frustrating parts of the day.

I was running behind by about five minutes (thanks to our lovely puppy), and by the time my co-worker and I loaded up the car we were ten minutes behind schedule. What was to be an hour and ten minute drive turned into two hours plus due to traffic. Then tack on another hour of driving in the city to find a parking space. After that we had to walk around the city to find our first survey location, when all was said and done what was to be a 7:30 start time turned into 9:30 grr.

Speaking of Pittsburgh, remember that Demon Hunter concert I told you all about awhile back, they are going to be at Mr. Smalls July 3rd in Pittsburgh. Hopefully I'll be able to go to this one.

Oh hey, I almost for got to tell you all the funniest part of the day. When we finally had found our parking garage to leave the city, after walking for about an hour. I was so excited that I was walking along not really paying attention and next thing I know, I'm getting judo chopped by the entrance gate arm thingy. Let me tell you the arm was a tough opponent, but it will think twice about doing that to someone again.

That's all folks....for now

I just re-read this post and it's kind of random. I guess that's what I get for starting kind of early on Saturday morning.


At 6:33 PM EDT, Blogger Sam said...

Random is the best. Been considering posting all day but all my stuff is random so I've put it off. You've inpsired me. I'm off to be random.

BTW, you should mention ladies fitting rooms in every post from here on out. Just my opinion.

At 7:59 AM EDT, Blogger Close To Home said...

random is good, too. hope to see you and kimmy at church today ;-)

At 1:15 AM EDT, Blogger Bethy said...

Just thought I'd throw out there that I got to see a Demon Hunter video on some TV station the other night. I had never heard them before and I really liked the song. But, don't ask what song it was because I don't remember. :)

Hey, I'm the third comment! Wow! Never mind...I'm delirious from lack of sleep.

At 11:10 PM EDT, Anonymous The Honorable Rev. Pastor Sir (or just Dave) said...

I hear the women's bathrooms are much nicer than ours whether in the city or in the sticks. They always have waiting rooms and stuff.

Hey. I'm your fourth comment!


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